At KOFA Public Affairs, we approach communication as an organizing exercise.

That’s what works today, amidst the simultaneous implosion of traditional news media and explosion of online and virtual channels. Coverage has become more shallow and diffuse—making it increasingly difficult to serve a message that resonates.

With both traditional public affairs strategies and cutting edge communication tactics, we deliver 360-degree public advocacy fueled by compelling narratives that break through today’s competitive market.

Our approach is straightforward: talk to people directly; build alternate channels; create coalitions and networks that boost communications capacity; tell your story in a way that compels emotion and action.

Whether it’s market entry, corporate positioning, community education, electoral campaigns, or crisis management – KOFA delivers a thoughtful perspective and brings winning strategies to the table.

KOFA partners and staff are a family. We value hard work and reward success. Our culture prioritizes staff experience and evolution over all else.

Our battle-tested team has counseled and won campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, local and national non-profits, state, local and national political campaigns and other industry leaders. The depth of our experience, coupled with strong, national relationships with media, industry and elected leaders, enables us to impact both public policy and public sentiment most effectively and efficiently.

Let's win together.